18th January Blois (France)
29th February Paris (France)
29th April Hong Kong / Masterclass Academy for Performing Arts
21st August Saint Roman de Codières (France)
11th September Orléans (France)


18th February Paris (France )
15th March Paris Opera  ( France)
28th April Sheffield (Great Britain) / Recording
30th April Coventry (Great Britain) / Masterclass University
4-5 May Filadelfia (Italy) / Jury
  international Percussion competition
11st July Brasilia ( Brasil)
16th July Sao Paulo ( Brasil)
17th July Sao Paulo ( Brasil)
19th July Sao Paulo ( Brasil)
20th July Sao Paulo ( Brasil)
23-26th July Aquiraz ( Brasil) /Masterclasses
27th July Aquiraz ( Brasil)
8th August Salvador de Bahia  ( Brasil) /Masterclass Neojiba project
9th August Salvador de Bahia ( Brasil) /Masterclass Federal University
10th August Salvador de Bahia ( Brasil)
15-17th August Xiamen (China ) / Jury and performance
  International Percussion competition
19th August Ningbo ( China )
11th October Nice (France)
16th October Coventry (Great Britain ) / Masterclass University
17th October Coventry (Great Britain )
19th October Coventry (Great Britain )
22th October Beijing (China)
24th October Beijing (China)
28th October Beijing (China)
17th November Krakow (Poland)
2-4th December Treviso ( Italy) / Masterclasses
6th December Trieste (Italy)


16th February Paris ( France )
7th April Rosny sous Bois ( France)
28/30th May Radio France/ Cd recording
28th June Lyon ( France)
21th July Jaugette (France)
18/19th August Xiamen (China ) / Jury
  International Percussion competition
20st October Beijing (China)
23rd October Beijing (China)
26th October Beijing (China)
29th October Hangzhou (China) / Masterclass national University
1st November Hangzhou (China)
25th November St Petersburg (Russia)
28th November Moscow (Russia)
5th December Roma (Italy) / Masterclass Santa Cecilia Conservatory
6th December Roma (Italy)
7th December Roma (Italy) / CD Recording


23st January Paris (France)
31st January Paris (France)
25th February Paris (France)
2nd March Paris (France)
3rd March Paris (France)
6th March Paris (France)
14th March San Francisco  (Usa)
16th March Chapman  (Usa)
17th March Riverside  (Usa)
23th March Morelia (Mexico)
2nd April Monte Carlo / Festival Printemps des Arts
17th May Saint Denis (France)
18th May Paris (France)
8-14th July Taiwan / world premiere concerto with
  Taiwan Orchestra / Masterclasses
  Quanzhou ( China)
16th July Shantou (China)
25/26th August Brasilia ( Brasil )
31st August Sao Paulo ( Brasil )
1st September Sao Paulo ( Brasil )
13th September Radio France / Dedicated production Portrait contemporain
25st September Moscow ( Russia)
  St Petersburg (Russia) /
  Masterclass Rimsky Korsakov Conservatory
2nd October Venice (Italy) / solo recital Biennale di Venezia
16th November Parma (Italy)
21th November Parma (Italy)
22th December Taipei  ( Taiwan )


18st January Paris (France)
4th February Paris (France)
11/13th March Recording Paris University (France)
18th March Paris (France)
9thy April Rosny sous Bois ( France)
12th April Paris (France)
3rd May Shizuoka concert hall recital (Japan)
4th May Shizuoka University / Masterclass (Japan)
10th May Tokyo Geidei University / Masterclass (Japan)
12th May Kyoto University / Masterclass (Japan)
7th June Saint Denis ( France )
8th June Saint Denis ( France )
9th July Beijing (China)
24/25th August Lucca ( Italy )
24st September Arras ( France)
1st October Lyon ( France)
3rd October Angers ( France)
30st October Ufa ( Russia)
2nd November Moscow ( Russia )
17/20nd November Hong Kong / Jury International Percussion competition
  Concert + masterclass
25nd November Macau / percussion concerto with Macau string Orchestra